January – Cakes with Benefits


I am so excited to be able to share with you these photos from the first Clandestine Cake Club – Putney and Barnes.

The event was held at the very lovely Tried and True Cafe on Upper Richmond Road, Putney. They do the best brunch,  I urge you to try them out. Our event had a wide catchment area with bakers coming from Sutton, Richmond and Roehampton.

We sat down at 14:30 and all looked flabagasted at the sheer amount of cake we  had in attendance. Here is our final cake haul:


Our theme was “Cakes with Benefits” cakes with a healthy twist or ingredients, our bakers came up trumps and we had awesome variety. We had veggie cakes, flourless cakes and all kinds of fat replacements.


The first cake we cut into was my co-organiser Sarah’s ingenious Rhubarb and Custard cake, rhubarb as one of your five a day and low fat custard. The cut profile of this cake was gorgeous, with a marble effect from the rhubarb and the taste was even better – I don’t even think she had to take any home!


As we had such a big table, we started one cake at each end and went for Sandy’s sky high Banana, Chocolate and Hazelnut cake. I love the chocolate coating, I like that you can see the cake underneath, I think it’s worthy of the Tate Gallery!


Next up was Helena’s amazing beetroot cake with pomegranates on top. The picture speaks for itself. The beetroot flavour was just right, I know this was down to a little trial and error – it was worth it!


Next up was Aayesha’s Chocolate Mocha Cake, look at the frosting yum yum! A double layer cake with a perfect balance of chocolate and coffee.


One of our more adventurous healthy cakes from Julie. Chocolate, raspberry and black bean. This cake was a complete dream, the texture was incredible and the cross section gorgeous due to a layer of raspberries through the middle – sorry I didn’t photography my slice!


Another adventurous cake, this chocolate cake made by the lovely Milli and her friend George had loads of healthy features with the piece de resistance being a silken tofu topping studded with raspberries.


As you can see our pace was beginning to slow at this point, we learnt from some cake club members who had been to another club to take small pieces . . .  and boy were we glad! You can also see the cake I forgot to take a picture of in the top right of this picture, a lovely lemon cake with Olivia kindly bought with her after having a oven disaster!


Here is the obligatory group shot. But don’t worry there is still MORE cake to show you…


This is Lindel’s beautiful Carrot Cake, with hand made flowers adorning it, this cake was worthy of next months theme too! Carrot cake is always a winner in my books.


The lovely Yvette made this healthy Coffee and Walnut cake with quark instead of cream cheese in the frosting . It was a revelation, I don’t think I’ll use cream cheese ever again!


Last, but hopefully not least is my chocolate and courgette cake, with chocolate cream cheese frosting, I’ll be sharing the recipe with you next week.


And that’s all from cake club for this Month folks, see you on the 23rd Feb. If you have been inspired to join your local cake club, I can’t encourage you enough; its friendly and relaxed and whilst some people are seasoned bakers, amateurs are encouraged and welcomed! Sign up and find a club here. Or contact me if you want to know more about Putney & Barnes Cake Club



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