March – Easter

 My commitment to the cake club cause was to sample all the cakes at once!

I have joined the Putney & Barnes Cake Club, and the time has come for me to fulfill my duty of doing the write up. March 23rd marked the 3rd meeting of the Putney Bake Club, and the theme was EASTER! Despite the unusually cold and snowy weather we stayed warm in Steph’s flat and ate some delicious Easter bakes.

Sarah made a wonderful ‘Easter Surprise cake’. It was covered, no, smothered in chocolate and homemade white chocolate eggs (yum). Under all the chocolate was a blond cake, with no fat, made by whisking eggs til they are really full of air. This meant it felt like I was eating air! Delicious. When asked what the Easter surprise was, Sarah replied that the surprise was that there was no surprise!
Yvette made an excellently decorated Lemon and Raspberry Bunny cake! This too was delicious; the lemon and raspberry working so well together to compliment a lovely light sponge. It was so beautifully decorated I didn’t want to eat it!
Amy’s carrot cake was divine! No really! I know Amy was a bit nervous as it was her first cake club, but she did good. I loved that there were sultanas in the cake,it made the cake juicy! The cream cheese frosting was delicious too, and the mini eggs were a good choice!!

Caroline baked an absolutely delicious lemon drizzle cake with blueberry decoration. The frosting was light but tasty and the sponge was perfectly cooked! The blueberries worked really well with the lemon too.

A little different for a cake club, but we allowed it- a cheesecake made by Nathalie. The base was yummy and biscuity and the cheesy (!) bit was really delicious too. It tasted like something else had been added to the cheese topping, but I’m not sure what it was. Whatever it was made the cheesecake unusual and tasty.

Finally, Steph’s coconut nest cake with rum frosting. I could smell the rum in the frosting and the sponge and although I am not a massive fan of rum,  it was really tasty, and the coconut and lime sponge was delicious.During the cake club, we had a little presentation about the latest Oxfam campaign- Enough food for everyone IF. It was really great to hear about what Oxfam are hoping to do with this campaign, and the joint venture we are hoping to do with Oxfam for this campaign.