Harvest Festival

Write up this month is by Mel of Dinner Therapy 

September 21st saw the return of Putney Bake club after a few months away, and boy, was I excited. I love PBC, who wouldn’t- you get to think of a fun, themed bake (sweet or savoury), bake it, turn up and eat other people’s bakes, for free!

This month’s theme was Harvest Festival and we had a plethora of sweet AND savoury bakes for the first time. I figured if I could intersperse sweet with savoury, I wouldn’t get the cake shakes.

Our savoury bakes this month were, Pork, Apple and Sage muffins by Stephanie (@riversidebaking), Cheddar, Apple and Walnut loaf by Amy (@amy_prescott) and Autumn Surprise (pastry filled with feta, garlic and herbs) by Ria. I absolutely loved having these savoury delights and they were delicious!

Our sweet bakes (of which there were many!) were also amazing- amazing taste and some amazing decoration too! We had Courgette Cake by  Christa, Apple and Blackberry Crumble cake (wheat and dairy free) by me (@dinnertherapy), Lemon Polenta Cake by Ashley (@pinkjulep), Lavender and Raspeberry cake by Sophie, Pumpkin Bread by Alex, Vanilla Harvest Cake by Louise, Toffee Apple Cake by Helen (@helenasbistro), Apple Cupcakes by Corrine, Pumpkin Donuts by Pippa, Spanish Orange and Almond Cake by Pippa (@sweetpeapantry) Oat and Quinoa cookies by Tracy and Chocolate Cake by Joanne.

Aaaand breaaaaathheee! As we had so many cakes I wasn’t able to eat them all or I would have been sick! So, some of my highlights: Sophie’s Lavender and Raspberry cakes was amazing, and not overly ‘lavendery’  which I was scared of; Corrine’s Apple cupcakes were lovely, the apple came through and they were decorated so cleverly; Amy’s Cheddar, Apple and Walnut loaf was one of my favourite savouries, which is saying something as I don’t really like walnuts!; and Alex’s pumpkin bread was melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness (so much so I took a massive piece home!).

Don’t forget to sign up for October’s Monster Mash themed bake club