November – Americana

This weekend we were welcomed by BB’s in Putney Exchange for our latest meeting. Despite living in Putney for a while now, I’d never been to BB’s, after tasting their lovely coffee I can see I will be going again soon. The Americana theme was open to lots of interpretation whether in name, decoration or flavours. We had some attendees with allergies so we also had some great lactose free and gluten free bakes as well. Such as Tracy’s perfectly spiced apple pie.



Peanut butter and Jelly, can you get more American!?


Here are the early birds setting up their cakes.


I have a confession to make, my planned gluten and lactose free angel food cake (an American classic) decided to grow into the roof of my oven, my oven has no light so I didn’t realise until it was too late. I tried to cut off the offending bit of cake but my boyfriend said it looked like an elephant’s bottom. So I left it at home, just goes to show you we welcome all levels of bakers at Putney Bake Club and if your bake goes wrong – come anyway!

Disasters aside look at this showstopping burger cake, made by a new Putney Bake Club attendee, it was as tasty as it was beautiful!


Amy was adventurous with her lactose free red velvet cake and after a few discussions we decided that lactose free cream cheese is not to be trusted!


Pamela came up trumps with Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownies which were gluten free and lactose free as well as making some without peanut butter (for the PB haters) and some dreamy maple syrup marshmallows!


Ashley, one of two real Americans at our Americana event, made a staple in most American homes/restaurants. The biscuit, it has more in common with an english scone than our biscuits and is often served with gravy or with a cooked breakfast.


I’m afraid I was too busy eating cake to get pictures of all the bakes, but they were all fabulous, if you want to see more then come next time!

As well as being fabulous hosts BB’s sent us home with some of their yummy muffins to try, we were treated to two of their new Christmas flavours. I felt like a kid again taking home my little ‘party bag’!


Our next event is on December 14th in central Putney and we’d love to see you.