January – Our First Birthday

Happy birthday

Well, it’s official – the Putney Bake Club is 1 year old! We celebrated the birthday of our club with a meeting at Lost & Co. on Putney High Street. The theme was of course, 1st birthday party.


Members brought all the goodies you’d expect to see at a child’s birthday party. Everything from jammy dodgers and fondant fancies to birthday cakes and sausage rolls were enjoyed by all


Lost & Co. is a great venue with its kitschy baking paraphernalia on the walls. It’s been a favorite of mine for a while – if you’re ever looking for a weekend drink and a dance, it’s the place to go in Putney.

Cheers to the Putney Bake Club – wishing you a happy birthday and many happy returns! If any of you are interested in joining, simply send an e-mail to putneybakeclub@gmail.com

 Written by Ashley