February – A night at the Oscars!

Roll up, Roll up to see the extravaganza that is Putney Bake Club’s February Meeting – A Night at the Oscars!


What an awesome collection of Movie-tastic bakes we had! Putney Bake Club Organiser Amy made us our own little golden men to adorn each bake to top it all off!



We gave you free rein to interpret the theme and you really went for it! Above you can see the yellow brick road rainbow cake inspired by the Wizard of Oz, complete with a wicked witch squished under Dorothy’s House!


A cake inspired by the recent adaptation of The Great Gatsby with chocolate work creating the Art Deco theme. Flavoured inside with decadent flavours of whisky and chocolate

We love a savoury here at Putney Bake Club, and these scones inspired by Mystic Pizza starring Julia Roberts really hit the spot! After a few slices of cake these were perfect.


Another savoury from Putney Bake Club Organiser Ashley this time with Godfather inspired parmasan biscuits.


 Amy used one of our favourite ingredients to make this Chocolate Speculoos Bundt Cake which would look fitting at any awards after party.


 Hudsons did a marvellous job of hosting us for the afternoon and set us up with loads of room in the light an airy room at the back of the restaurant.


 Check out these beautifully presented Mad Hatter’s Tea Party biscuits don’t they just shout “Eat Me”. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland they were a perfect example of bake club being about more than just cake!


 Another non-cake, yippee! Julia made Landa’s Studel from Inglorious Bastards. A bake straight from the film itself. She even bought the custard, mmm perfect!


 Inspired by one of my favourite movies were these morsels packed full of goodies: Rocky Horror Show Rocky Road pieces. Too good just to have one! Well we thought we might as well give ourselves over to absolute pleasure and have another


 Now, we don’t often have a cake decorator in our midst but this week the talent was undeniable, this finding nemo inspired cake was full of beautiful details and must have taken hours! Underneath was not a boring sponge but a perfect chocolate and pear cake, pretty and tasty!

DSC_0516DSC_0519DSC_0520DSC_0523     DSC_0532

A great time was had by all. Thanks everyone for coming and make sure you get our upcoming dates in your diary.