April – Naked Bakes

Good Morning Bakers.

Yesterday Putney Bake Club met at Kitchenette on Putney Bridge Road for our Naked Bakes meeting. A bit of cheeky theme which really just meant that Frostings, Buttercream and Icing were banned, this month we were all about the flavour.

The theme was a popular one and 22 of us (14 bakes) arrived ready to taste the goodies. I arrived early to check out the lovely function room the staff were preparing for us. I think it would be a perfect party location, especially as it has it’s own bar and toilets!

IMG_3433 DSC03914


There were a lot of amazing bakes and it was nice to see a wide selection and only a few cakes!

To kick it off, I’ll be sneaky and show you my bake, a chocolate Babka. Recipe available soon. This is a brioche based dough with chocolate swirled through it and a crumbled oat and rye topping.



Next up Cat from Crumble Club came for the first time and treated us to a pear and hazelnut crumble loaf cake and toffee apple crumble cupcakes!

DSC03920 DSC03923

The lovely Charlotte took inspiration from her Welsh roots and made us some classic Welsh Cakes. These disappeared super quickly!


Crumble was a popular choice for our naked bakes and Georgina made this marbled chocolate crumble cake, I think even the crumbs got hoovered up this was popular with everyone!



Jaina who you may have met at one of previous two meetings hit two of our themes! Naked and Free From (The theme for our upcoming June meeting) with her eggless marmalade loaf. The marmalade was a perfect zesty addition to this cake which I would have never guessed was egg free!


Normally our guests just come for eating but Jaina’s guest Corina was kind enough to treat us to her citrus bars which were the perfect palate cleanser after all the chocolate bakes!


Yippee a savoury! Savouries are always popular at Putney Bake Club, if you want to make sure you have nothing to take home bake a savoury. Amy one of our organisers made these sun dried tomato palmiers from a Lorraine Pascale recipe and I think they disappeared in about 3 minutes!


I have sad news, one of our regulars Helena will be moving away, but she does have a fab new dream job so please congratulate her. She’s hoping to make our next few meetings before she moves and we really hope she can because she brings amazing cakes like this Rhubarb and Custard cake. You can find the recipe here.


Next up was Sandy’s Japanese Honey Cake which had the texture of Angel Cake, it was light and dreamy. You may recognise Sandy from our twitter background picture as she attended our very first meeting!




Another of our regular’s Julia bought this refreshing and creamy satsuma baked cheesecake. It was too pretty to cut into and we put it off until last, but when we did it was gone in a flash!


Another newbie Ellie (hope to see you soon) made these fudge and delicious peanut butter chocolate brownies. Pleeeaaassseee send us the recipe!


DSC03934 DSC03935

Now I don’t have pictures of the next few bakes whole because they just went too quickly! One of our regulars Natalie made this Chocolate Brownie Pie, you can see it’s delectable and oozing middle. I may dream about it. IMG_3434


Bryony hit us up with a surprise ingredient in there mint chocolate cheesecake. The filling contained avocado! You couldn’t taste it at all and I think this cheesecake would make the perfect end to any dinner party. IMG_3435

The venue was the perfect size for us and we were treated to two members of staff who kept us well watered. They tried our bakes too and loved them!


As well as beautiful Italian coffee I made sure I sampled Kitchenette’s inspired cocktails. I’ll be coming for dinner again soon as my sneaky peek at the menu got my tummy rumbling even after all that cake!

IMG_3439 DSC03938 DSC03939

All the recipes I have will be uploaded here. Thanks everyone for making this such a great event. Make sure you sign up for one of upcoming events.

Hope to see you at a meeting soon, if you’d like to share your recipe with us, send it in to putneybakeclub@gmail.com