New Year Resolutions!

Welcome Back!

The first PBC of 2015 (can you believe it) was held in the Chelsea Ram, a beautiful gem in Fulham/Chelsea which is new territory for Putney Bake Club. We were even joined by some new members this month – so welcome all! 


We had some very adventurous as well as traditional bakes this month as well as a good balance of sweet and savoury. 

Ellie new years Resolution was to eat healthy (much like all of us)

 Vitamin C, E and A Cake 

Natalie’s New Years Resolution was to make more bread! 

Olive, Feta and Rosemary Spelt horns 


 This bake by Shamima was made up of inspirational messages for 2015!

Spiced Biscuits with Coffee 


Kirsten’s New Year Resolution was to make Pizza Scrolls – something Kirsten has been wanting to do for a long time!

Cheesymite + Pepper and Onion Pizza Scrolls 


Amy and Rosie made a Health Kick Food Board – with a big 62 mile walk coming up they have been preparing some healthy snacks to keep the going!

Homemade Humous and Veg sticks, Homemade Granola and 0% Yoghurt and Protein Balls 


Sorry to Trisha and David for not having a picture of your lovely bakes they were all eaten up before I could get a picture of them! David made some wonderfully crunchy Florentines which were to die for! Trisha achieved her New Years Resolution and made a wonderful batch of Croissants as well as homemade Marmalade!


Please join us next month at ‘The Swift’ Putney with the nostalgic ‘Blast from the Past’ theme!

Perhaps a childhood favourite or a bake centered around a memorable occasion?!?

The sky is the limit! See you soon!