Mother’s Recipe – March’s Meet Up

Well good afternoon to everyone on this bright and ever so windy Tuesday!

Finally we have got round to typing up a blog post about our last very successful and eventful, (some may say), bake club at Bills Wimbledon. The theme was ‘ Mother/Family Recipes’ and we had such a variety of different sweet and savoury bakes. We had a lot of bakes that were a treat for the eyes as well our tummies, take a look at the pictures below to see what a great time we all had!

This month, like many, we welcomed new members. We have all enjoyed watching the process of our Bake Club grow over the years so welcome to all!  

The calm before the storm.. (sugar)! 


First of all we have Lindsey’s delightful South African Doughnuts – WOW!


Next up we have a classic something we all love and have fond memories of ..

Fee made  …  FLAPJACKS


From one of our lovely new members- Sally,

we had the amazing Walnut, Date and Toffee loaf cake!


Amy made a real treat! This cake has childhood written all over it, especially with all its hundreds and thousands!

I present to you ‘The Trifle Cake’ 


Feast your eyes on this HUGE portion of Baklava made by Ellie 


Kirsten made a wonderful Chocolate Cake…. something that we all know and will continue to love!


Shamima made a savoury sensation – Samosas. These were a welcomed bake amongst all the sweet treats we had, they were mmmm…! 


Alex made some lovely bite size feta cheese triangles which were ever so tasty!


Natalie made these moreish Lady Alice biscuits – the smaller the biscuit, the more you can have!


Tricia made the most amazing ‘Blueberry and Strawberry Pie’ and my goodness she did us all proud! 

Picture is on it’s way!

We hope you all had a lovely time and hope to see you next month – the theme being April Fools, oh dear… I am sure there will be many interesting surprises in store for us at the Green Man, Putney!

See you soon!