April Fools!

IMAG2601Last month, our bake club members got creative with the theme we set them! Being April, we naturally chose to be fools and bake/make things that were not as they perhaps appeared…

The Green Man in Putney kindly hosted our meet up and we were very lucky to catch the sun in their beautiful garden nestled amongst wicker chairs, flowerpots and hedges. For many it was Pimms O’clock, or more interestingly, instead sampled Banana Bread beer (WHERE CAN I BUY THIS ON THE HIGH STREET?)

Special thanks to the Green man for their hospitality…now let’s get on and see what our lovely bakers made for us!

Hot cross buns by Natalie… Deceived us all with savoury buns containing olives!
Ellie’s beautiful ‘cupcakes’! Actually tomato and olive savoury muffins with a cream cheese ‘frosting’.
Shamima’s 99’s, very clever cupcakes! Topped with a flake to look like the real deal.
Tricia’s mash and gravy cupcakes, looked just like the real thing. Topped with ‘butter’…actually a starburst, very clever!
Amy’s ‘pizza’ cake…sponge with buttercream & jam, topped with fruit winder ‘pepperoni’ and grated white chocolate.
Kirsten’s pinata cake shocked us all, opened to reveal crisps! We are not expecting that!

IMAG2607 Thank you to all our bakers who joined us for the afternoon, our next meeting will be at The Swift on 23rd May from 2-4pm. If you would like to join us, simply email putneybakeclub@gmail.com