Who are we? 

If you live in SW London (or are willing to travel) and like to bake, want to meet new people, eat homemade bakes…you’ve come to the right place! No one here (as far as I am aware) is a professional baker, nor is it a competition. Just a friendly group of amateurs who are fond of their oven.


Every month we meet somewhere different, this is due to several reasons:

a) no fixed abode

b) we get to try some of the loveliest cafes, restaurants and pubs in Putney and the surrounding areas!

If you would like to find out where our next meeting is, keep an eye on the ‘Upcoming Dates’ page and sign up to get involved! Spaces go fast, so get in there when you can. If you love baking, love eating, love chatting but aren’t too keen on jumping in on your own, we understand! So, when you decide you want to join us, just tell us you want to bring a +1 – easy as pie (sorry).

How does it work?

Each month is based on a particular theme, allowing you to get creative and adventurous – you can make anything your heart desires. Maybe you make a mean biscuit, a yummy pie/tart or a soft springy sponge. There are no rules or limitations here!

There is ALWAYS enough for everyone to try; so bring your cake, bring an empty box and bring your phone/camera – we love to be instagramed, tweeted and facebooked – we are social creatures after all.

Have I got you convinced? Maybe check out our ‘Past Events’ to grab a slice of the action (must stop now).

We look forward to meeting you and your cakes soon.


If you have a pressing question about Putney Bake Club you can tweet us here.

If you have any other questions, queries or comments you can contact us at
or use the form on the Get In Touch page.